Simplify Sunday: Great American Backyard Campout – 06/23/2012

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Simplify Sunday: Spread Your Wings

It is much easier to fly when you spread your wings

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Add Magic To Your Campfire with Mystical Fire

When it comes to family camping, you always need a back up plan. I often think of this as the “what to do when the kids get bored” plan.  A few camping trips ago, after discovering (much to my dismay) that my kids didn’t like marshmallows, I found Mystical Fire. This very simple novelty gift will camptivate (That word is awesome. I just created it) your kids by adding bright blue, green and purple flames to your campfire. My kids loved it and I added a sometimes rare victory notch to my belt of being a dad.

The best part is that it is drop dead simple. You simply throw the package of crystals into the fire. You can also add multiple packets for bigger, longer lasting color. Each package lasts about 30 minutes so I do suggest that you roast your marshmallows first as you cannot cook over the colored flames. This dad doesn’t like waiting for his s’more.

In terms of price, I want to say I paid about $2 a packet at the campground store, but they’re also available at Amazon for about the same though you may have to pay for shipping. In full disclosure, I’m an Amazon associate and will get a cut of anything you purchase through that link. (Can we say early retirement?)

In short, Mystical Fire is a another quick way to way to keep your kids entertained while camping. I strongly suggest you pick some up.

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