Connect to Nature with Bird Feeders

Connect to Nature with BirdfeedersIn case you haven’t heard, we’ve had quite a bit of snow in New England so far this winter. Our kids have had several snow days in the past few weeks (driving my wife crazy) and the weather stations have become our enemy with their insistence on reporting yet another snow storm. However,  one highlight of these weeks of being cooped up in the ole abode is that my dearest wife has invested in a few bird feeders.

While at first  skeptical, I’ve come to love this simple way of connecting to nature. Not only is it extremely simple, but it’s a great way to discuss an aspect of nature that most folks take for granted — birds.

Connecting to Nature with BirdfeedersFrom the comfort of our own living room, while still in our pajamas, we can see the family of five cardinals, several blue jays, an entire horde of chickadees, and most recently a group of brown doves enjoy the bird seed we provide for them.

Quick Tip - Connecting to Nature with Birdfeeders

One challenge we’ve found with feeding the birds is that it has become quite addictive and therefore expensive. Bird food can go rather quickly, especially if the squirrels get to it, so I suggest buying in bulk wherever  it is cheapest (Walmart?).  Another unforeseen result is that I have ended up shoveling more (ugh) since asking my wife to trudge through several feet of snow to fill the feeders is a quick way to have starving birds.

So, if you’re looking for a simple way to connect with nature, I strongly suggest getting a bird feeder. It’s simple, fun and provides a great way to show your kids wildlife even during these harsh winter months and beyond.

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9 Responses to Connect to Nature with Bird Feeders

  1. Debi

    My kids & I are addicted to backyard bird feeding, too. Watching birds is a great activity for kids because you can do it almost anywhere you go. I just wrote a post about bird watching with kids. Check it out:
    Debi recently posted..9 Tips for Bird Watching With Kids

  2. John Soares

    I love bird feeders. We have three of them around our house in the Shasta Valley just north of Mount Shasta in northern California.

    One is just outside my office window, five feet from where I write. Whenever I want a little distraction, I can watch the unending stream of birds taking turns to chow down. The flickers are my favorite.
    John Soares recently posted..Why Publishers Should Pay a 50-Percent Royalty on E-Books

  3. Guest says:

    I really love birds and in fact, I have 3 breeds of birds at home. They are really lovely and sweet. I’m fond of feeding them everyday. Thanks for sharing this post.
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  4. 5 mg cialis Guest says:

    I used to be a bird feeder when i was a kid…now i don’t do it anymore…But this post brought back memories.

  5. alex says:

    Bird feeders are always reminding me of my grand father who had a dozen in his court yard.

  6. It snowed in San Antonio, TX for the first time in more than 25 years. Weird! Our birds can usually find plenty to eat all winter because the winters are so mild. I haven’t had a feeder set up in years…I think I’ll set one up this spring. Thanks for the post.

  7. We love bird feeders, we have a few in our garden. We keep them filled with great feed, which attract many beautiful species of birds including our favorite, blue jays.
    This is in Orlando, FL near the Convention center.

  8. Bird feeders are a great idea. Not only are the birds fun to watch but you’ll also learn a few things. Since putting up our bird feeders we’ve had many species visit our feeder that we would have probably never seen otherwise. I think the most interesting bird is the Northern Mockingbird that visits our feeder during the summer months. That bird is one of the most fascinating birds to watch.

  9. My husband bought 2 bird feeders this summer only to have the squirrel push it to the ground and chew out the plastic to get at the food. We found one however that was perfect- a metal bell shaped feeder that not even they can get at and it is beautiful to behold. I cannot find them anywhere again- I will be on the hunt again for this particular model this spring. As an avid photographer and living in the country, birds are a sight to behold as common as some species are , I never tire of seeing them and photographing them.
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