Gear Review: Rome Roasting Tools

I don’t know about you, but growing up I used long twigs to roast my marshmallows while I was on my camping trips.  However as a father of two I am not that fond of letting my boys eat off something they found off the ground.  That’s where Rome Roasting tools coming into play.

Their colorful marshmallow forks worked out really well for my family on our camping trips so far this season.  Made out of chrome-plated steal, I was pleased with their sturdiness and the general ease of cleanup, while my boys enjoyed choosing from the variety of colors.  I did think each fork could be a bit longer. At 22 inches, my 4 year old would get a bit too close to the campfire for my liking. These retail at $2.00 each and overall are worth the small investment.

One really fun tool I tested out was the marshmallow roasting tree. This fun creation allows you to roast up to 10 marshmallows at once.  Holy s’mores! Not only is this tool fun  to use, but it is a major time saver if you need to roast for several people. The only issue I had with this tool was that it was too long to fit in my storage bins which isn’t very helpful when you’re trying to save space while camping. That same length made it definitely safe for little ones to use which generates many photo opportunities.

In summary, I highly suggest picking these up for your next camping trip. They’re affordable, easy-to-clean and sturdy but most importantly make roasting marshmallows more fun.

Happy roasting!

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14 Responses to Gear Review: Rome Roasting Tools

  1. Jordan says:

    I’m also a fan of the “find your own stick” method for roasting marshmallows. However, when we aren’t in the mood to go searching, chopsticks soaked in water are a great option for making the perfect S’More.

  2. Mel

    I still prefer using a stick, even one that has been on the ground ;) Especially on that has been on the ground since we only use fallen, dead wood for campfires….but we were just camping at a National Park with very few sticks in the campground area (we must not have been the first ones to ever roast marshmallows there!) and something like this would have come in handy.

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  4. Bill Poulos says:

    “This fun creation allows you to roast up to 10 marshmallows at once. ”

    Hurray for technology!

    Who would have though that something as simple as roasting a marshmallow could be done quicker, easier and better with an upgrade in technology?

    One thing is for sure. When I need 10 roasted marshmallows I know EXACTLY what I am going to do!

  5. I’m not really fond of roasting marshmallows as a kid, probably because I grew up in the Philippines. Perhaps I can consider it for my future kids because I find it very interesting from your post. I also like your blog. Cool design and interesting posts for your niche.

    Thanks for sharing this post. :-)

  6. Sonnys RV says:

    Super easy, who didn’t grow up roasting marsh mellows? Will share this!

  7. I read some of your articles…you are a great father,and your 2 boys are lucky to have you as a father…wish mine was like this…

    And about the marshmallow sticks…although the new ones you can buy for 2$ are usefull,clean and safe, no argue there.But sometimes maybe the good old way with the stick u found on the ground is better.

    Nice article,thank you!

    have a nice day!

  8. carcamping says:

    I also grew up using sticks for marshmallows. In fact, there were 5 of us kids and my dad got a stick for each of us and whittled it down for us to have our own special stick at our regular camp where we went most weekends in the mountains. When we went anywhere else, we just grabbed what we could find. Sometimes we got lucky and found one with extra little points on it and could roast several marshmallows at a time. I guess I figure if those little sticks didn’t kill us, they won’t kill my kids. But I do like these new forks even better. : ) Maybe I will buy the forks and use them and let the kids use the sticks? Good blog!

  9. Justin N says:

    Old school method of a stick certainly works too!

    Agreed, having adequate length on the marshmallow stick is key, perhaps they have a version that is longer than the 22 inches. We usually get our fires going pretty hot and even at the distance it can be uncomfortable unless for very short periods of time. Ha – the marshmallow roasting tree is a like a marshmallow assembly line!

  10. Janet Green says:

    That roasting tree is perfect for roasting mallows for a lot of people. Where do you suppose I could buy one?

  11. Guest says:

    I don’t know what to say about those rome roasting tools, because in this exact moment i’m craving for some hot melted marshmallows, and i cannot think of something else:))
    Kidding ( a little bit), actually i use these forks too, and not only for marchmallows but for roasting sausages,too.

  12. vanny says:

    @ Nonoy:
    I’m from Philippines also and I can’t roast marshmallows because I don’t know how, lol. Anyway, I love to eat it raw.

  13. Mark says:

    Ever try using a coat hanger instead? If you don’t have any money I would suggest it but it’s worth investing a few dollars into something more solid that will last a while. If you’re an avid camper I would recommend the investment.
    Mark recently posted..Ozark Trail Queen Air Mattress

  14. My neighbor called me up all excited about her new marshmallow sticks. It was a weird phone call, but I can see why she was excited. They actually collapsed into the handle when not in use, so they were easy to store.

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