Top 10 Best Tactical Lever Action Rifles Ever Made

Top 10 Best Tactical Lever Action Rifles Ever Made
In this episode we will present our picks for the best Tactical Lever Action Rifles.
There’s no hard and fast rule on what constitutes a tactical lever-action. Certainly, many write them off as merely polymer-stocked iterations of the originals. True, some wear plastic, but not all. And really, there are some nuances to what’s offered, besides dark finishes and ominous names, such as Marlin Dark Series and Henry Model X.
To the quick of the matter, tactical lever guns are generally modernization efforts, retaining the heart of the carbine—receiver, etc.—and offering more utility. The tactical lever-action more than holds its own in today’s rough-and-tumble world. Here are ten tactical lever action rifles I’ve found that particularly excel in the role.
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