Top 10 MOST POWERFUL 22lr Round For Self Defense

Top 10 MOST POWERFUL 22lr Round For Self Defense
Are you looking for the most powerful .22lr ammo for home defense and 22 rounds for self defense? We’ve gathered the best 22lr cartridges available right now!
Never have you had so many ammo options. There’s a massive amount of variety in the rimfire world, and some ammo is better at certain tasks than others. While the .22 LR is not the most powerful, the most accurate or the most reliable, it has earned its spot in the limelight as a jack of all trades that has applications for virtually every corner of the shooting world—and beyond. There are a couple of reasons why someone might want to carry a 22LR for self-defense including extreme recoil sensitivity, as a backup gun, or perhaps it’s all you have access to for the time being. While the .22 LR cartridge might not be the best ballistic option for self-defense, modern ammunition, makes it a more viable option for those for whom the .22 rimfire is the best choice. Without further ado, these are the top-performing loads based on penetration and crush cavity.
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